Larry Starr, Sarasota Entrepreneur, Announces New AutoXotic Marketing Director

Larry Starr Sarasota

Larry Starr, Sarasota entrepreneur, is the President of exotic and luxury car rental and sales company AutoXotic. AutoXotic recently welcomed a new Director of Marketing and Admissions, Mary VanSant.

Q: How is Mary VanSant helping AutoXotic to achieve the next level of success?

Larry Starr, Sarasota entrepreneur: We are pleased to welcome Mary to AutoXotic. For the last five years, Mary has been a valuable volunteer for the Junior League of Manatee County, an organization that concentrates on helping children and women in need. At AutoXotic, she devotes much of her time to visiting high-end hotels and large corporations, offering VIP treatment to all AutoXotic clients.

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Larry Starr, Sarasota Florida-based Exotic Vehicle Ownership Program Offers Global Luxury

A plethora of automobiles are now available from Larry Starr ’s Sarasota-based rental and ownership program.

Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari… Larry Starr, Sarasota businessman and founder of AutoXotic, says that these vehicles and more are available now through AutoXotic’s Innovative Ownership program.

Innovative Ownership

Larry Starr of Sarasota based AutoXotic explains that partial ownership programs are common in boating communities for those who want to experience a diverse range of vessels without being tied down to only one. Now, this shared model of possession is offered on luxury vehicles though AutoXotic, Larry Starr ’s Sarasota-based firm. AutoXotic boasts only the sleekest and most stylish cars from across Europe and the United States.

According to Larry Starr, Sarasota residents and visitors alike can enjoy 90 days behind the wheel of any one of AutoXotic’s available vehicles. This program is ideal for vacationers, those with second residences in Florida, professional athletes who must travel the majority of the year, and anyone who wants luxury sans a ludicrous price tag. Larry Starr, Sarasota entrepreneur, explains that ownership in AutoXotic offers buyers all the pleasure of getting behind the wheel without the hassles and headaches of full time overdrive.

Exotic Rentals

Sometimes only a luxury ride will do, says Larry Starr, Sarasota ’s AutoXotic founder. For these times, daily rentals are available on any of AutoXotic’s fleet of extraordinary imports.  According to Larry Starr, Sarasota vacationers and black-tie event attendees are always delighted with AutoXotic’s drive and the company’s determination to provide the only the best customer experience. Rental prices start at $1,250 per day and must be booked in advanced.

Rental Policies

According to Larry Starr, Sarasota luxury car rental policies at AutoXotic are similar to other vehicle lease programs with a few exceptions. AutoXotic’s rental rates allow for 75 miles per day with additional mileage billed according to the individual rental agreement. International clients are accepted. However, says Larry Starr, the Sarasota luxury rental firm requires a passport and home-country driver’s license verification.

AutoXotic prohibits anyone not listed on the rental agreement from driving the vehicle. As well, says Larry Starr, Sarasota-based AutoXotic restricts vehicle usage to paved roadways that are subject to common speed-limit laws; vehicles are expressly prohibited from being driven on a racetrack for speed or endurance purposes. AutoXotic’s vehicles are subject to immediate repossession without refund if any of their rental policies are violated.

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About Larry Starr

Larry Starr is Sarasota ’s leading vacation management expert and property developer. As the founder of Resort Vacation Accommodations, Larry Starr has a unique insight into travel and luxury. Larry Starr, Sarasota Arts Council Grants Committee Chairman, is the CEO Realty One Alliance and President of RVA.

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Larry Starr, Sarasota FL | About AutoXotic

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